A possible new way of pickup your package

When we order a package in the Netherlands online we have the possibility to ship it to a store nearby. Which is pretty convenient, it really is.

You pick it up at a selected store by your own choice. I have done this many times. Still something still bothers me about this process. We also have an self-scan area in the supermarkets, this is already exists for years, I know. But they have a build-in feature in a large supermarket chain here in Netherlands, which you could apply to logistics of getting your package, without having to rely upon employees.

Look I’m a social person, I like to talk to anyone and everyone, thereby I also really like to observe situations. These online ordered packages which get delivered at these shops because of convenience, are in fact an inconvenience to shop owners and the employees themselves. They told me this many times.

So I was thinking; why isn’t it possible to get a sort of generated code from online shop to enter a closed off space. When you are inside you see some lockers you enter your email address and maybe a second code (two-step verification) and you can pickup your ordered package.

The lockers already exists

It is safe and there is literally no need for employees. You can enter this space any given time when it suits you.