Are lawyers needed in the future?

I just won my first online copyright case from a big media company in the Netherlands. How, I checked jurisprudence online (that’s just a fancy of saying: “I searched legal stuff online”).

I really though believe that most lawyers aren’t needed anymore in the future. Their job consists out of structures, which could be easily handled by computers. Up to a point is a merely a decision tree for most cases. If we uploaded all the public legal cases to an online directory (in professional terms; the cloud) and we’d make a good open source algorithm, a lot of people could be their own lawyer. No seriously, I just was my own lawyer and I won.

Look I get it, most lawyers are proud of being a lawyer. It is a very respectable job, pays decent (in some cases very well, civil lawsuits or corporate law). Still, look at JP Morgan (one of America’s biggest banks) with their legal software, this is already happening. Most businesses want to safe money, for all kinds of reasons. Lawyers aren’t exactly cheap, so if someone (19-year-old) in their chamber or garage would create a project to disperse of lawyers and let software handle it.

This is going to happen, legal courts will be online, like with YouTube legal dispute for copyrights. I see it as something that is going to be inevitable.