Are smartphones the best legal drugs/ gambling machines on the planet?

Most of us can’t do without our smartphones, they are our business, communication device and navigation. Thus being for the average person irreplaceable or so addictive that we constantly need them.

It is not necessarily a bad thing, it is merely evolution in our minds. But still a few companies control the minds of billions of people. Yes, they control our minds. They decide based upon their algorithms and psychological designs what most of us get to see and what kind of information we get access to. The people at these tech firms decide what the design is going to be and how it is going to influence our minds and in the end their bank account. It is all an attention game and a few companies own  a lot of our daily attention on their platform.

Do you think I’m overreacting? Do you trust and ex-Google’er whose job was ‘design ethics’, he quit, he wasn’t fired. Here’s a complete interview with Tristan Harris.

It is truly like the best drugs or gambling system in the world. From the phone (hardware), to the ecosystem (software), to the applications which we all use and spend most of our time on. The amount of information apps gather from us is enormous. In the video below an example is given (in german).

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So we kind of know what someones online worth is (it really is kind of strange) but still is good and useful to know that smartphones are the best invention yet to get someones information quite easily. Or to influence our decisions on a daily basis. What do we do about it, not much to be honest. But it is good to be aware of it.