Youtube’s advertisement responsibility

More and more people are tying their hardest to become YouTube famous. Which is their good right. Only the best though will succeed.

But with this video creation also comes advertisement responsibility (my opinion). I don’t have the specific numbers on YouTube creators. YouTube and thus Google have really advanced object recognition, MIT has an advanced free version.  I just know, almost for certain that Google is in possession of an even more advanced version than MIT free version.

Why does this matter? Too many young YouTubers have been willingly or unwillingly been taken advantage of by (big) companies with their sugar products. Most of know that sugar is a growing problem in society which results in obesity. Look I can’t blame the kids or students for that matter, they need the money. But the big companies have ethical obligations towards society. Some representatives even are proud that viewers can not spot the products in videos (ads), that just wrong!

We have 2 solutions. The simple one; (big) companies are obliged to warn (not in video, that just sucks) viewers in the description below the video that their product is being shown on purpose.

The second is more advanced but also more robust, object recognition into YouTube’s video system. It warns Youtubers with more than 10.000 abonnees to disclose their advertisements otherwise the video stays offline. Obviously this is more is more intrusive, but needed, I think.

Youtube is a big platform and it has a lot of attention, with that come certain responsibilities, in my opinion.