The dual threat: How smartphones and sugar combine to exacerbate addiction susceptibility and self-esteem

a person taking a photo of a glass with iced coffee and a dessert on a plate

In today’s digital society, smartphones and sugary products are ubiquitous. While these facets of modern life superficially offer comfort and connectivity, they hide a layered complexity that can pose significant psychological challenges. This article explores the synergistic effects of excessive smartphone use and high sugar consumption, focusing particularly on how these habits contribute to addiction […]

What could be the best fitness combination?

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intelligent workout strategies involve a balance of consistent training, progressive overload, skill development, and specific training methods for different fitness goals. Mental engagement, recovery, and enjoyment are also key factors, along with proper nutrition and hydration. This approach ensures sustainable improvement in fitness, whether the goal is strength, endurance, hypertrophy, or overall health.

The Sweet Addiction: How Sugar Influences Our Health and Policy.

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In a recent podcast with Dr. Robert Lustig, a leading expert in endocrinology, an intriguing light is shed on the complex relationship between genetics, environmental factors, and our diet. Dr. Lustig emphasizes a crucial insight: while our genetic code has remained virtually unchanged over the past 30 years, our environment, especially our diet, has undergone […]