How a young athlete Nile Wilson leveraged social media to his advantage

Young athletes have historically faced challenges in generating a steady income. However, social media has emerged as a powerful tool that offers them new opportunities. For instance, athletes like Nile Wilson now have a fighting chance to secure and enhance their future careers through their online presence and engagement.

On an off I have followed this young olympic medallist for about a year. His vlog is honest, real and he supports an evidence based training method. What do I mean by ‘evidence based’ this? We all have seen the pumped and extreme fitness junkies, at some point some of them give the wrong information, which is dangerous. Nile Wilson is a young highly trained gymnast, having him as an example of how to train is actually the best option for any young kid.

Nile Wilson is generating some serious online presence, which is good and a perfect example for others athletes. Social media can give these high performing athletes a somewhat steady income. Still, banks aren’t handing out loans immediately but you can see why Nile Wilson does have chance. He has almost a 1 million subscribers on Youtube (that is big). That should generate a healthy and steady income for a loan from a bank. Which it does.

He is only 22 years old but he has a steady following. If he would be a stock on the Youtube exchange, I would have definitely put some money on his Youtube career.

Most Olympic athletes face the harsh reality of inadequate compensation despite being among the world’s elite performers. These top-tier athletes often receive minimal financial rewards, while large corporations profit enormously from advertising deals associated with the Olympic Games. To address this disparity, it’s proposed that top athletes should receive a share of around 1% from Olympic streaming revenues and e-commerce sales tied to their personal brand. This adjustment would ensure that those who bring exceptional talent and dedication to the Olympics also benefit from the significant commercial success they help generate.

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This way olympic athletes could somewhat pay their basic bills.

Back to Nile Wilson. This kid just shows you that it is possible to generate somewhat a decent income to get himself a flat and start a life. He is just starting his career but he has tremendous appeal for businesses and for his own autonomy in general.