Why are we interested in media celebrities?

Some of us are subconsciously a little intrigued by media these media celebrities. Why am I calling them ‘media’ celebrities, because we also have all kinds of celebrities. 

Let’s look at a example, kim kardashian, she has enormous numbers on social media followers has het own talk show and has a very profitable business . She obviously has the right people in her corner and knows how to make intelligent business decisions. But what started her career? I think I can pin point it and this is the very sad part of her growing-up. But most of it has to do with the OJ simpson trial, her father was (has died) was part of genius legal team. The family was already sort of an elite family and the year-long trial just gave them enormous name recognition (again, not the way they wanted it but they got it anyway). So after that intens period during the trial, the media also got a very good taste of reality tv shows/ news. Before the trial reality tv shows and news were not popular but trial spiked this.

Look, the normal civilian works long days and commute long hours. Because most of them do not know exactly what they want in life, they are bored and want something interesting in their lives. Most civilians think media celebrities leed a more interesting and better life (this debatable of course), but that is what they think. My life is not perfect, far from it. Ones you understand that a perfect life does not exist, but that you need to come as close a possible, to be as happy as you possibly could be, you have come a long way in my opinion.

This quote from comedian Jim Carrey is kind the red line in this story:

I hope everyone could get rich and famous and have everything they ever dreamed of, so they will know it is not they answer.

What really strikes me is the psychological part of this story. So we think because a group people within an organization have decided that a certain person deserves a lot of camera’s and media attention, we should think he is important or maybe even better than us? Why is does somebody get famous? Is because the media can profit from this person in the long-term? Or do they have extraordinary talents that made them earn this status (which could be true). Same thing with other kinds of platforms like Youtube, Vine and Instagram. The more people who follow you and think you are interesting, the more famous you get? It is just mind boggling to me.