Advantage of credible youtubers

Call them Youtubers or call them social media influencers, whatever you want. I’ve previously talked about Casey Neistat.

They guy has a certain skill and humanity around him which makes him enormously attractive to booth consumers (me) and brands. From the beginning Casey has had almost a private delivery guy (this guy did his round on the block, I guess). But the delivery guy was a genuine and sympathetic man.

The very first material thing Casey did for delivery man, Marlan, was get him with his Youtube following a Iphone. Not a big deal and it was a nice thing. Much, much later Marlon the delivery guy had a sad personal message which just would break anyones heart by just listening to it.

Marlan started a gofundme to fund his medical bills for a family member, here comes the amazing part. Within just a day or 2 that campaign became trending and exceeded its original goal.

This is what I mean by a the power of a credible Youtuber for example. At this point Casey Neistat has over 5,000,000 subscribers to his Youtube channel.

merlexs medical fund