Youtubers and new business

Youtube, call it ‘the channel’ for everything entertaining and informative. It truly is the century of the content creators. Why? People are flocking towards Youtubers.

My parents watch tv, like that thing which sits in de livingroom. My mom and that are of that generation of simplicity. Keep it simple, the tv is their medium for everthing entertaining and informative.

For me, I really do not watch tv anymore, I watch youtube and other internet shows on my laptop or my smartphone.  At the moment I follow 2 youtube vloggers, one of them is casey neistat. I followed this guy before he started daily vlogging, after watching just one movie of him I was hooked. The story telling was that insanely good. I think I started following this guy in 2014. Since then the guy has exploded (literally) in popularity on youtube, he has 5 million subscribers and counting as I’m typing this story.

Some people just have a talent for it and are authentic in what they do. Also he spends an enormous amount of time of creating his movies, between 2 and 8 hours. He really dedicates himself.

People are flocking towards this guy, send him LOADS of free stuff, just to get a chance to appear in his ‘mail-time’ part of the movie. He does this less and less, which is totally understandable. Brands and organizations are in love with this guy. His online power is HUGE!!! For example and this just worked out great for him and the other brand. He flew to Dubai for a conference of sorts, with his e-skateboard (boosted board), there he vlogs the entire thing (look amazing btw) then he is in the process of returning back to NYC with emirates. Apparently emirates does not allow electric vehicles in on their planes. So he needed to leave is beloved boosted board (he really loves that thing) behind at the airport in Dubai.

Here comes the truly insane part, the moment he is on that plane, he already uploaded the movie to youtube and at the time 700,000 people watched it. Emirates did not know how to handle the immense amounts of online comments about him having to leave his boosted board behind. Now the genius part or lucky part from emirates, they upgraded casey to first class (most expensive flight in the world) and the video of casey showing everything on that flight went VIRAL (18,000,000 views up to now).

Obviously brands need to know when a Youtubers enters their business. Because in Emirates case it worked out perfectly, they got ENORMOUS amounts of press around the world for that flight. Look obviously Casey Neistat is one of a kind movie maker. There are not many like him.  TV producers would break new records if they hit 18 million (at least in the Netherlands) views.

Actually when I think about it, why would a city like NY not make a film maker like Casey Neistat an ambassador of their city, it really is a logical step.

A lot youtube people only film their good experiences, holidays, beaches, travelling etc. In my opinion Casey neistat rise to internet fame is because he is just like you and me. He has his good days with the family and his bad days. He does not show off his lifestyle (the guy weirs ripped shirts and cuts his own hair sometimes), how much more down to earth do you want.