Should a news organization choose sides?

Wether you’re a journalist, a blogger or a news organization, I think is very important to be neutral. Picking sides is ‘oke’ as a private person, but not when you possibly could influence millions of people or parties.

Everybody has an opinion and that is great, keep it. Same goes for myself. When I’m writing a blogstory I try to be as informative as possible. Has this been different in the past, sure, we call this the human development. People change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst. When I write I try to be as objective a possible and without chosing sides. Can you call me a hypocrite, or a bigot at times, sure, but I’m only human. Will you find blogpost of mine chosing a side, sure. I’m not perfect, far from it. But I’d like to think that I’m reasonable and informative.

In my opinion a news organization is neutral, (let not go into details about financial or political ownership) it publishes as accurate as possible stories about certain events, people or ideas for their readers. This fair to right? The news organization in America called the New York Times just choose sides. Which they obviously have their reasons for, still. Should a news organization with an impact like NYT have a partisanship? Even when the stakes are as high a presidential election?

Wether an event like a political race, or something else of that nature is in play, bipartisanship is very important in my opinion. Sure, secretly we prefer something or somebody above somebody else (that is psychology 101). A news organization should inform us about a certain situation and have the interest of their readers at heart, even this should be done with caution. Do not make the choice for the people, let people choose themselves. Give people the right information and let them make their own choices based upon the information given to them. Being partisan just makes journalism sketchy and less trustworthy.