Are platforms like Netflix changing our behaviour?

There is so much content around, it truly absurd. But let’s focus on the video content like Netflix. What could we learn from video content.

Not making of it, much deeper than that. I want to know what, after you watch a certain video, maybe you follow a vlogger or a business person or whom ever. How does the unconscious mind learn and develop certain traits and even change your purchasing on a longer/shorter period of time.

Like we continuously see ads on our mobile screens, somehow we do not really pay attention anymore. But we do pay attention to vlogging content and people we admire or people that give us enormous amounts of value (most of time in knowledge). The thing that fascinates me is how big content developers like Netflix can influence our thoughts, our purchasing behaviour and maybe een big life decisions. Because we spend a lot of time on platforms like Netflix. They take us places we can enjoy, dream of and sometimes we mirror ourselves in those situations or try to recreate it.

Think about it, facebook, whatsapp, instagram, netflix, amazon. Snapchat is in a different category, why? Because the level of attention is different. We tend to consume the content on snapchat more intensively, because in the end it disappears. Those other platforms make us dull and are in someway hypnotizing. Getting the mind in a slow but cooperative state, because the content keeps coming back.

Great or excellent video content is storytelling and has you consumed, it like a drug. You want to know more. Do platforms like netflix know what kind of goods you might buy after watching certain content of theirs or what maybe has your preference?