COVID-19 is not the big problem, it is mental health, purpose and people

person in black pants and black shoes sitting on brown wooden chair

We are 12 months into a big health crisis. We know now that SARS-CoV-2/ Wuhan virus is a manageable disease.

Yes, people die from it but that is just a fact of life. People die, it happens. The big problem since about 6 months ago is mental health. The closing of the restaurants and bars but also the curfew in the Netherlands are biggest contributors of the mental health issue. We obviously have many more problems. But in essence people need to socialize.

You can not tell me that after 7 months from march 2020, authorities do not have the right data or enough data for that matter, to make informed and good decisions. Too me that breeds incompetence.

The thing that does not register with me is the following. Eat healthy, sport 2 to 3 times a week and take some vitamins. In other words boost your immune system, naturally. The thing is, our society now is being controlled by faulty algorithms and decision less people. My fear is that because of incompetence, we all have to live in agony, stress and other shittyness for at least 6 more months. Why? The ‘at risk’ people in the Netherlands and with that the EU need to be vaccinated. Let’s be frank, the EU and member states, can not even organise the negotiations and the buying of these experimental vaccines.

The source?

Then the experimental vaccines. It takes in a normal situation 10 years to make an vaccine. Now it is done within 12 months? My gut feeling tells me, something is fishy. But let look at the data.

This is a conversation about with Paul Offit, Below a short snippet about the vaccine.

So, my claim on that the vaccines are experimental. Let’s put that with some cold hard data from the FDA (read the last page). Pfizer/Biontech , Janssen (J&J), Moderna.

Israel is quite far with their situation BUT I read the collaboration agreement between Pzifer/Biontech and the country Israel. Look, this could all be standard practise but it is just what I notice. Make your own decisions upon reading this. What is weird to me is that all the dates are in corner are black and that part 6 indemnification: limitation of damages and liability is also complete black. Again, this could be standard practise, it is just an observation.

So, how am I handling this lockdown + curfew in the Netherlands? It is getting tougher, let that be clear. I’m trying to walk at least 8 km per day or do a decent workout (at the moment I’m busy trying to accomplish the coopertest). the social aspect is ‘almost’ impossible, so I sometimes join protest, just to meet people. But there most definitely some fishy people during these protest, so I stay clear of them. Were do I get my information? The regular media, I almost completely dismiss them. The reason because most of them, besides the state media, are in the hands of DPG media (belgium business family). The media in Netherlands is mostly controlled by the Belgium (for a long time). I pay for an independent dutch media, there quite new but refreshing honest, to the point and in-depth. They are operated by two very experienced dutch businessmen, Yves Gijrath and Erik de Vlieger.

Too close, I don’t care wether somebody takes the vaccine. I’m not against them, I’m against taking part in a medical experiment without my consent and without the full information. So that is reason I do the research myself. Take care everybody and stay safe. At this time everybody has some kind of problem, wether it is money and/or mental health. For me the mental health part starts to appear.