I tried the DCP test of the Dutch Army

No, I’m not going into the Dutch army. Just trying something new to stay fit. This is the minimum physical exercise test.

How did it go for the first time…? 😂 I absolutely underestimated it. Which part? The running part.

After 900 meters of jogging (I wasn’t running), my lungs and upper legs said: fuck you. You have to know, I dislike running, I never really liked it. Still, I’m willing to go through this agony, because it is something I want to achieve. It is going to take me some time.

The push-ups and sit-ups, no problem. It is actually quite embarrassing that I can’t continuously jog (not even running) for 2400 meters. Forget the 12 minutes, my leggs and lungs, just repeadly said: fuck you asshole. I had to stop and walk 4 times.

Personally I really can recommend this people. Try these basic entrance fitness test of your nations army, they keep you fit. You don’t have to go to the army. Still, this a very good test to keep fit and in shape.

Update 25-04-2021: I completely finished it in one run but forgot to look at the time.

Update 28-04-2021: Again finished it in one run, time: 13:11. 1:12 seconds too slow.