About the vaccination passport

I think it is a bad idea. Why? because of two essential elements. Which are critical.

First of all is it going to be an digital passport stored in a central location within the EU or your member state. Do not confuse digital with a crypto passport on the blockchain. Because that is not going to happen, the blockchain version. So governments have had loads of problems with IT and privacy. That is my first concern. Why would I give more medical information to my government with their IT track record.

My second concern is going to be segregation part. COVID-19 is mild virus. It is the politics behind this pandemic that made it increasingly worse/ too really really bad. Private companies may ask that you get vaccinated, if you use their services or go work for them, it is in their rights. Cafe’s, bars and festival also have that right to ask that of their customers. The interesting part is going to be the free market choice. Because their is a lot of confusion, fear and aggression. Which does not make the situation any better.

I’m wondering if a company only does business with you if your vaccinated (against COVID-19), is that company going to flourish or perish.

Obviously it is in anybody right to make the choice for themselves to get vaccinated or not and accept the consequences with that choice.

In the EU you can not be forced to take an vaccination according to this resolution.

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