Facebook is executing very well. People are getting addicted

We use facebook services every minute of everyday. They are executing very well. People are serious addicted. They are becoming a serious competitor of Google. I’m not talking Google + that is dead. They lost that game, not the war though.



Are these numbers clear enough for you 😉 Facebook owns our conversations. This has by the way nothing to do with buying good services. Fb bought instagram for instance when they were smaller. Zuckerberg just has an incredible team whom taken the necessary risks to get ahead.

They are also generating money like crazy. They have multiple streams income coming



Mobile is generating huge amounts of money piles. I’m interested in when the mobile payments. That is going to be a multi-billion dollar market. The first company to execute that system well is going to become big. Nevertheless Facebook isn’t dead by a long shot, they are very much a life.