How would I handle a project x party?

First of all I just saw the movie projext x, again. The guy just got balls of steel. A party with an open invite for everyone to join, promoted?

Look first of all you never know that a party is going to be this big (1500 people or so in the movie). But let’s say it would be open for everyone and I promote it trough social media. You’ve got to have some safeguards. Look you can’t control everything but some things are just common sense.

I would rent a storage unit for all the valuables and put them there also your the food. The car(s) I would put in a parking garages a few km away from the house. Then you’ve got the pool, that thing is going to get messy, it is inevitable. People love a pool especially with drinks. Then you’ve got the sinks and those toilets, those are going to get choked, also inevitable. Get really strong waste bags, in the Netherlands they are blue. Those bags are used for renovation material I think. I any case those bags are good. Then use plastic cubs. Obviously I would buy cheap potato chips and snacks (preferably Aldi or Lidl stuff) because after too many drinks nobody will notice the difference.

The DJ, at all time, he should be sober (if possible) and I would put him on platform (clearly, no drinks allowed on the platform). I would make sure the speakers were waterproof (technical term IP-x5). The cables I would cover them with a lot of tape, like totally taped-off.

The electrical cabin/room. First cover the electrics with sheets or something and then put a look on that door. Because if it goes wrong there, you’re done!

So the party is finally going out of control. Neighbors are complaining (let them, there’s not much you can do). The pool is filled with pieces of snacks, puke, urine and beer. People are obviously pissing and puking everywhere, they could not control themselves. In my mind I would go a little crazy but at the same time I would just enjoy the moment and later see what the exact damage is.

You can’t control the violence, up to a point of course. Therefore you have the lawyers afterwards.

In my experience a party is done when there is no more beer and when people start to get sober. Then they leave.

Total costs (assumptions)

  • Cleaning crew (incl pool) (500-1000 euros)
  • Renovations: (few thousand euros)
  • GOOD lawyers: (tens of thousands of euros)

Obviously I haven’t had a party like the project x, so I could be off on some of the details.