How AI will highlight and destroy incompetence

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Yes, it is the big hype but it is so much more that. Everything that does not require an (deep) emotional touch will need to compete at some point with and AI, which will be faster, more accurate and better than a human being.

How? At the moment it is explanatory most of the time, which is a lot. For example if you want to build a simple wordpress plugin, you can do this yourself. Depending on your skill level it can take 30 min to 2 hours or so. Same thing with writing an legal letter. 6 Months from now it could very well be that certain industry, with the current market conditions, goes bankrupt. Why? They did not innovate and were not curious. So we have an system which is so advanced it automatically gives you a good answer, if you ask the right question, about almost anything.

In the Netherlands we also have another problem, people don’t want to work (to specify 34 hours a week and more). Caused of course by covid lockdowns and a multitude of other problems but also preferences). I have friends whom are on a sabbatical for a few months (soul searching). Then I people know whom work part-time, which is fine. If your colleagues or acquaintance work longer hours and more days and now know how to use AI, imagine the career distance they will create. Even if you apply salary differences.

This is truly a toxic mix. Why? The level of income inequality will change but this also will increase. The people whom have recovered the quickest and are for example autodidact. If these people are even remotely savages, they have the ability to destroy competition. Because degrees have almost no weight in this, this about adapting the best way possible and again, asking the right questions. I keep repeating this because it is a crucial muscle to be trained.

So the question now more than ever will arrive, universal income. Personally I’m against. Why? First of all most government employees are incompetent and have the ability to destroy people. You really do not want to be in any way shape of form dependent on government. The one thing you need in life is a decent routine and goals. Than you and your mental health are good. But most of all stay curious.