The election misery in the Netherlands

Let’s start with this graph (source:

This is what I would call a declining interest in politics. I get that. Because the psychological warfare for your mind is real. There are so many double standards…. it is insane.

Let look at the numbers of the last municipality election in 2022. Let’s take Amsterdam. 703,714 people were legally asked to vote. The amount that correctly used the voting stamp is 324,869 people in Amsterdam. So that means that 378,845 people had no interest/did not have the capacity to vote in Amsterdam.

Let look at the numbers. These are the results from the most recent election ‘provincial elections’ a few months ago (so pretty fresh)

Let’s take the version of the counted votes per voting station in a neighbourhood.

So the total people whom can actually vote in Amsterdam are 595,212 . In total 304,512 people have voted. So 290,700 people have no interest in the politics surrounding Amsterdam.

My next question is what are the requirements to vote, check the links below

knowing this; that about half the population does not vote, can we speak of a democratic process?