How onlyfans made webcam women a hype without properly informing their users.

The onlyfans platform is good idea; give creators a way to monetise their content. Nothing wrong with that. Actually, I love it!

But at some point OnlyFans became synonymous with porn. There’s nothing wrong with porn but uncontrolled and not decently informed, it will become dangerous for it’s users.

Like the article says; sex sells. A large part of the onlyfans community sells their body to anybody who wants pay.

This is another strange part. You have an platform with an estimated 100 million users, how on earth do you not have an android or ios application (app). Obviously it is because of policy violations in different areas. This is the onlyfans reaction.

So when you look to competing platform like pornhub for example, they offer a apk application. This is in essence the app but then you need to manually bypass settings on your phone . This is not illegal.

Below their complete business report

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The problem. I have created an account without money or credit card. It is really easy to access the (extreme) porn material. Thereby is easy to copy and distribute adult content to others websites. That is the worrisome part of this platform. Obviously this platform is not the only one, I get that. But these women are completely blinded by the money and the freedom this provides them. Which is understandable. But trust me; those pictures and videos will live on forever on the internet.

These women make a simple choice between a bad or worst job in retail/ logistics, which will earn them about $6 dollars an hour. Or making a sexy photo of themselves downloaded/paid for by users (example; 50.000 clicks CC x $2 for the picture). To them easy money.

Some examples of onlyfans users and their answers.

Taxes avoidance and ‘easy’ money making aside for a moment. I think personally that a lot of these users (women) have no idea of the privacy implications this may have for their future. Welcome to the world digital prostitution, the adult film industry and most things related to it. Why, because governments and most politicians suck!

Solution; the onlyfans platform needs to implement anti-screenshot technology. It needs to make multiple pop-ups informing their users when they are uploading and whom can see their content.

Let’s ask Chat GPT;

how do you remove pictures and videos from yourself from the internet

There are a few steps you can take to remove pictures and videos of yourself from the internet:

  1. Contact the website or platform where the content is hosted and ask for it to be removed. Many websites have a process in place for removing unwanted content.
  2. Use Google’s “Remove Outdated Content” tool to request that Google remove specific URLs from its search results.
  3. Use the “Forget Me” tool provided by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to request that your personal data be removed from websites.
  4. Hire a professional service to help you remove the content from the internet.

Keep in mind that even if you are successful in getting the content removed from one website, it may still be present on other websites or in cached versions. Also, it is worth noting that once something is on the internet it is not completely 100% removable. Some residue might remain.