Are electric bikes Trojan horses?

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I live in Amsterdam-Netherlands. Here are about 100,000+ people whom have electric bikes. It makes a commute easier. That is the easy sell story.

We are slowly weakening our heart muscle. No, I’m not a doctor. But I think logically. Before you were using your e-bike, you needed to use more energy and train your body. This now it not needed that much anymore.

Yes, the e-bike is easy and fast, I totally get that. But you are actually weakening your heart and slowly becoming less healthier. Thereby, I believe we have an energy problem situation right now in NL? So maybe using more electricity is a bad thing… An e-bike has an battery capacity between 500 and 800 watts, that times at least 100,000 for the Amsterdam region.

Ohh wait, I forgot we also all need an electric car. Small search on the Internet will tell you this: electric cars charged at home use about 7,200 watts (W) of electricity, which can vary depending on the mode and home charger. Most electric car chargers use between 32 and 40 amps, and connect to a 240 volt outlet in your home’s breaker box. About 20,000 people in the Amsterdam region have an electric car.

No wonder black-outs will occur.

Check it for yourselves:

Look, e-bikes are for people for 50 years and above. Not for 20+ years people with an healthy body. For the eco-enviroment-friendly-esg-investing-greenpeace-supporting people below 50 years old, dump the e-bike and safe your environment and maybe even safe yourself.

If your supporting the ESG investing method, think again.