Is crowdfunding the best way to start a certain project?

I just came back from a group training and I heard a woman talking about crowdfunding and asking money from sponsors.

It’s nothing bad, a lot of businesses do it that way. I have learned to fund projects with my own money. To never ever lend money from a third-party or any other financial institution. It is certainly harder, that is for sure. I needed to brush up my sales skills and put myself out there, again and again. Still, being dependable on money from other people, it feels strange to me. Not to say that you can’t make a great project or company happen. Look at Google, Facebook or most small business, they are or were dependent on outside money.

But most crowdfund campaigns to not even meet their initial goal (incl. making the product or service), which too bad for the people whom have invested their money in it. Like billionaire businessman Mark Cuban says, ‘sweat equity’ is the best you can have.

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Look, obviously you should do whatever is best for you, I’m not judging in any way. More power to you, if all goes succesful. I wish you all the success and happiness in world. I’m just giving you the information and a different perspective on how you could fund a project or business by not by not having to use crowdfunding platforms.