Youtubers as a stock?

To be honest I’m no great shares analyst. If this were possible a lot of teens would make a lot of money.

What if you could buy into the creative success of a Youtuber. Such as, you could put money on a certain Youtuber if you were sure they were able to succeed. The internet is the ultimate luxury for creative people – and others of course – they are able to succeed now big time (to ascertain a certain following) and generate enormous amounts of money (I mean tons to millions a year).

My stock winner would have been Casey Neistat. I was early. Let me prove this; this is btw one of the reasons why I love blogging, because when you’re right, you are able to proof it.

Type into the search part of my blog ‘suitcase’, this will give you a link of a small piece I wrote in August 2014, YES, 2014.

Let’s put the name Casey Neistat into Google Trends and specify on Youtube.

In business you have a saying; “You only have to be right once, multiple times would be fun”.

Oke, he is no PewDiePie, in which case my very younger cousin would have outperformed me 😅. But still Casey would have been quite the stock pick. It just feels great to know, that I was that early in the know.

This just shows me that businesses need to search for talent totally different than they are doing now. If you are applying for a marketing, sales or other creative job, they should ask you whom you follow on social network, since when and why. Because in my case, I would have been able to sent a product to the ‘Mail Time’ of Casey Neistat and that could have had a serious ROI.