Is having somekind of a obsessive compulsive disorder bad?

Most people know the term ocd. I think most people have associated it with something negative, which isn’t¬†necessarily true or fair.

I have watched this documentary about Richard Turner (extraordinary world’s best card dealer, yet completely blind). This man has ocd with cards, but then again he is extremely good with cards. Samething with other professions, like illusionist. These people, like for example David Blaine and David Copperfield, they study sometimes for years (10+) for a spectacular illusion which blows the minds of 99,9% of the people. Still, they have enormous dedication, I would call it ocd (which isn’t bad, I think to be succesful you need a to be a little ocd) and they just put their minds towards a goal, what most of us would call; crazy, insane, nutters etc.

Watch this 2016 documentary about david blaine. It truly gives a new meaning to dedication and out of the box thinking

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Up to a point I think having some sort of ocd is very useful in becoming succesful in your field of work. It allows you shut out voices and do things most people believe to be impossible. This combined with your efforts, having a talent and some other factors could make some people (very) succesful.