A world without advertising and or marketing

I almost can’t imagine a world without advertising. Most people want the best deal available, which is understandable.

A world without advertising and or marketing is impossible but one with less and somewhat more ethical should be accomplishable. But why this notion? I have watched this movie called: Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things.

I started thinking about it. When I reflect upon what I buy and why I buy it, the answer most of the time is; because I need it. Then I asked myself the question; do I buy compulsory? Not to my knowledge, it is not like I have a spare room or a cellar where I put my own shoppings or spare stuff. Even clothes I only buy when need it, I do have a moderate amount of shoes, because when I was young I seriously had no choice, ever, I have a big foot, size 13 or 14 US standards.

Obviously advertising and or marketing have a huge impact on our buy decisions. This only has been increased due to internet ads and especially with mobile ads. I have to be honest, as a professional I also use Google ad words and Facebook advertising, so yes, you could say I’m part of the problem. Then again I’m aware of it.

The problem I foresee is the amount of change people want (not necessarily need) and the hurdles companies have to put themselves through in order to satisfy the ever higher expectation of the current customer, especially in the consumer electronics business. The amount of waste that is created in past 5 to 10 years should be enormous.

There is an absolute difference between ‘needing’ something and ‘wanting’ something. You maybe want that 100m2 appartment in center of New York looking out of central park, or 250m2 house in the center of Amsterdam looking out on the canals. Then again, what you probably need is just a roof over your head in a decent neighbourhood whilst not extending yourself too much or in other words, not putting yourself in too much debt.

Because of advertising we want the ideal life, we have been sold that we deserve it. Up to what point, is collecting goods the answer to satisfaction or happiness. In my opinion being part of a community is essence of satisfaction or happiness. Do we all have different goals and aspirations, sure we do. There is no one-size-fits all, there is no millennial, there is only you. Yes, society wants to put us in certain baskets to make it easier to differentiate to judge or comment on us. Life is not perfect, it is a struggle and were all just along for the ride.

Try to imagine it, less marketing, a tax on marketing or advertising. Not worrying when you have to buy something because is could be better.