Understanding online privacy equals basic understanding of cyber security

Let me first begin with playing devils advocate; you are a good person so therefore you have nothing to hide, right? And if you were hiding stuff you probably shouldn’t be doing that in the first place. At least this is what Eric Schmidt (former ceo of Google, now Alphabet) says in this interview

To be honest Google has brought most of us a lot of wealth and happiness. But that doesn’t mean that everything they do is in our best interest. From a civilian standpoint you could possibly argue and we also know this to be true, that Google has enormous amounts of information about us. From a business perspective you need to adapt towards Google changes in their algortihm. Some of it may feel forced and I do recognise this. Though aspects like mobile friendly websites and encryption (https) just are really needed for business nowadays, it really is becoming a basic requirement online.

From a business perspective you have to go all out and really let google get to know your business, otherwise your chances of survival are slim to none. Samething for social platform like Facebook. Your business is just going to get better from it.

But from a civilian perspective these companies can have very intrusive capabilities. Like knowing when you are home, what you eat, when you eat, how often you go to gym (with the impact of the costs of your health insurance) etc. Granted, it saves you time and money but in my opinion everybody needs to decide this for themselves. People like treir privacy. Samething for these ceo’s, trust me. Mark Zuckerverg for example bought 4 surrounding homes, just so he could get some privacy. Samething for Eric Schmidt soundproofing is home and having a private elevator.

So trust me when I say this. Everybody deserves their privacy. We do not all have the money to buy the surrounding apartments of houses or even soundproofing it. There are other free methods people can use which will work miracles. Just go to privacytools.io . It not just for your own privacy and online protection. Think about your (side) business and protecting you data against hackers. Most of these tools will give you peace of mind, which is worth a lot of money.

Stop thinking in ways of hiding, think more of in ways of protecting yourself from bad actors (which is a regular occurence these days). Even the biggest companies in the world make regularly mistakes with their security. Also with the cryptocurrency entering this world, basic understanding of online privacy is becoming essential.

You obviously have nothing to hide but you do have digital assets/stuff to protect. Like your money, your online identity, your electronic devices to name a few.

In my opinion this the best reason why privacy matters, just watch it below

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