Is Pinterest becoming the search engine for designs

Pinterest is a social platform which makes search possibe. Which is being valued at 11 billion dollars. But it has a trick up its sleeve which is becoming an interesting development.

Why is this important, quite simple actually, it is going to be a serious competitor in my opinion to google. Laugh all you want. Design people do not search on a google images. IKEA for instance hold a competition on pinterest.

Pinterest is going to become a designs search engine and google should be very worried about this. This has everything to do with authenticity and originality. Not that google hasn’t got that but their images are indexed from all over the world. These designs from pinterest are especially made for pinterest to show to others design enthousiast, you get where I am going with this, right. Pinterest will become the mekka for designs.

Btw, 11 billion dollars sounds like a lot but you need to know one crucial thing. This the fictional value that has been created by investments, they do not actually own yet 11 billion in cash money .