A cross road in my life

This may sound  strange but I find myself at a major cross-road. I’m almost done with studying and I started a company with a business partner.

Look student life is/was great in Amsterdam. I’m not leaving Amsterdam any time soon but a next chapter is arriving. I’d like to earn for instance more money (legally). I like to hustle/work and make a decent amount of money.

The business I’ve started is a lot of fun. So much fun that I spend more time doing that then actually studying.

What does success mean actually and a quote of Tony Robbins really captured it for me

tony-robbins-success-quoteThere is certainly some truth to what he is saying. I’ve learned over the years that money gives you options but is does not make you happy. Happiness is something you get from your life partner, girlfriend, fiancé, name it. It is not per se about the big things it about the attention to details that make the big things look fantastic.

Getting your package delivered in the early morning by the mail man or women, whom greets you and wishes you a good day (which doesn’t happen often to me). Or someone holds elevator or the door open for you. Those things matter and make my day just a bit better.

I haven’t figured it out, it may sound like it but I haven’t. But know I which direction I want to go. The student days were fun and my 20 roommates, yes, 20! Those guys made my student years amazing. And when they read this, they may know that I will cherish them. They have introduced me into Amsterdam. I have renewed my contract for another year so I’m not leaving them behind. But the last seven months or so, in which I have been occasionally with my roommates, showed me that I want to live differently and that I want change in my life