One of the reasons uber is massively succesful

We all know uber and they are here to stay and transforming the taxi cab industry. I just figured out why uber is so massively successful.

Uber solves a lot of practical problems. From scrolling on web in search for a cab to paying for the cab. One time the cab had to stop by a bank for me to withdraw cash. Let me tell you, I was drunk and the woman in the car was wasted. So I had to focus to type my pin. Thereby the cab driver drove massively wrong and charged me for it. I paid because I was drunk and wanted to go to bed. Next morning I couldn’t remember a thing about the driver or company to write a complaint.

Uber solves a lot of problems in this adventure above. You have the app, which locates where you are. Then you push one button (just one). Your bank account is synced (credit card) so there are no worries about the money. Unless you spend the money as fast as you can and have no savings or whatever. Then when you do not like the driver or he’s rude or something else you can rate him or her. This will effect his/her reputation which will determine how much business he or she gets and if uber even allows him or her to be part of the uber community.

So there are some good safeguards in the system. Never mind the bad news. You wanna know how much bad stuff happened in normal taxi’s before uber?¬†That shit was insane and happening a lot. How do I know?! Ever heard of Google.. and indexing blogs or social media. Just type in “taxi accidents” in Google. There were no guarantees (over paying), checks (if someone was legit), or ratings which could affect the drivers career. Uber has changed that and the (lazy) taxi cab industry are losing BIG time.

But to answer the question what problem uber solves, TIME! We need less time to getting a cab, paying the cab or rate te cab driver etc. It’s all done within a minute. Thats what makes uber so incredibly successful.