Is Twitter more valueble than most people think?

Most people know Twitter. But Twitter has a few technical problems but then again it has the best information first. So what is going on?

Let’s start with the possibilities of Twitter. According to one of it most prominent investors (Chris Sacca) it is a really good tool but it just poorly executes.

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Then we have tech titan Chamath Palihapitiya and he got some technical broken insight:

They spend about a third of what Facebook does on its technical infrastructure, which is crazy when that thing is one-eighth the size and you can only tweet 140 characters at a time. On Facebook, I upload HD movies and keep them there forever. So there’s an imbalance that means that the product is functionally, technically broken. That needs to get fixed, that’s problem No. 1. And that probably limits their ability to innovate, which you’ve seen because the product doesn’t change … (source)

Chamath makes an incredible point here, they are losing money at its most fundamental core, which is one the worst things that could happen to any business.

We can argue all day long about this but twitter has got some serious juice still left. Look at current message delivery of president of America. He can make stocks tank of certain companies by negatively tweeting about them. That is massively impactful. So is Twitter relevant, yes, when you are a ‘verified’ or you just have a massive amount of ‘relevant’ and engaging followers on your Twittter account.