How likely are we to fall for fake information?

Let’s just start by saying; politics is dirty game. Because that is in my opinion where the fake information started and got an explosive boost.

I call it fake information because it does not deserve to be called ‘news’. News for me is valuable and useful information that could enhance somebodies hours, day, week, month or even longer. A lot of so-called ‘well known society people’, whom get asked into talk shows infuse/boost the whole the fake information news flow, they even so admitted it on live during the talk show. Then we have journalists whom actually admitted during a talk show that they were part of the fake information redistribution. But how…? How do you distribute fake information? It actually is really easy and easy to avoid in part, it has to do with laziness of that person.

First of all do not under any political circumstance, if you’re not a 100% certain, share pictures with written text on them. Get your hands on the actual video or sound. This for a large part will reduce the fake information cycle A LOT.

Then how hard is it to actually catch fake information. Because we have programs, bots, whom are in a pretty genius way designed to post certain kinds of information. Next to that you have businesses whom sell social media comments and likes. For example the American election of 2016 is a fabulous example. Hillary Clinton had about 3 million out of the 9 million, fake followers in her twitter account. Trump also had a large amounts of fake followers whom retweeted information.

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Sometimes it can be pretty tough to catch fake information. Some accounts are just pretty good engineered. Still, let’s stick towards video’s and actual sound interviews of a person. This way fake information is easily avoided.