Can the face of a ceo predict the profitability of a company

Most of us have heard of the expression; “only the first impression counts”. In this study the appearance and thus the impression a CEO gives can to a certain degree give experts information about the profitability of a company.

Just take a close look for yourself, maybe you can distinguish for yourself whom is the better (financially) performing CEO. Try it is really is fun. A little fun fact; immigrants tend to do better than native-born business people.




Answers, most to least profitable: 

J. David J. O’reilly (Chevron)

G. James Mulva (Conoco Phillips)

C. H. Lee Scott Jr. (Walmart)

H. William Clay Ford Jr. (Ford)

K. Meg Whitman (eBay)

E. Mark A. Ernst (Fiserv)

B. William Wrigley Jr. (Wrigley)

D. Stephen F. Bollenbach (Hilton Hotels)

L. William V. Hickey (Sealed Air)

F. Timothy M. Manganello (BorgWarner)

A. Cristobal Conde (Sungard)

I. Rick Wagoner (GM) 


You can find a link to the short version of the study here

You can find the link to the longer version of study here