Pacquiao vs Mayweather boxingmatch. Was it stupidity or brilliant marketing

I’ve seen the boxingmatch and it was silly, sorry to all the fans. I could have been in the ring and fought against Mayweather (I would have been severely slapped around).

I could run and duck and maybe get a few punches. Even this heavy weight thinks so, (not about me ;)) Evander Holyfield. He even thinks that Pacquiao would have won the fight.

But seriously, the fight of the century!!! Are you kidding me, there was no blood, not even a serious injury (besides the undisclosed injury of Pacquiao). Look I could be blinded by the Hollywood movies like Rocky but I expected more. People paid good money to see this fight, mostly rich people who otherwise would spend it on other ridiculous stuff, even so.

Though now with the injury of Pacquiao raises a lot of questions. The boxers made an insane amount of money (100 million each, if not more). These two fighters are examples for a lot of people and then this happens, it is not good for the sport and the respect for the other boxers in the industry. Trust is the word I’m search for, who is going to trust the organizations involved. All the brands involved with the fight are in the same conversation about ‘trust’, ‘negligence’ and worst of them all ‘transparency’.

In my opinion it was brilliantly marketed and some people made a lot of from this fight. I call it ‘this fight’, because it does not deserve the respect of the title ‘fight of the century’. Therefore it lacks too many aspects in my opinion.