TTIP agreement. Or the business deal between the EU and the US.

TTIP is a controversial agreement, it is about free trade, which could have enormous impact on a local economies. Should it be controversial? And if so, why? Because the US has a bad reputation?

The first results
The first results

TTIP stands for Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, in short, EU business people stand to do easier business with US business people. Of course there are some regulations and restrictions.

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I trust the EU, up to a point. But where money is at play and lot of it (billions), corners could be cut and favors could be given. So do we trust our representatives in the EU? Do they share the right information about the decisions that are being made? Or are lobbyist too damn good and strong. Our dutch minister of finance said so himself (the link is dutch) that the banking industry has a very powerful lobbyist group.

But we have a country like Germany in Europe, which as a customer you should be very happy about. Why? Germany has the most insane and heavily protected customer rights of any country in the world and politically they a very powerful as a country in the EU. So any concerns with NSA type stuff, Germany would take care of that. To give you an example, you do not have google streetview in Germany.

So this business agreement, would it be beneficial for the small enterprising youngsters and other interested people, like myself. I truly have no idea. Some parts are too damn fishy and complicated. One thing I do know, this agreement is going to happen in some way because there is a lot of money to be made.