Why you should use airplane mode more often on your smartphone

I don’t use the airplane mode but just leave it or disable the internet connection.

I know the current world expects us the stay up-to-date as much as possible. Entire relationships are being questioned because someone didn’t answer a text within a few seconds.

Several studies have been done too show smartphone addiction. For example one from the guardian. Also this article from forbes.

I try to use my smartphone as a tool, nothing more really. First of all as a communications device, that’s why the damn thing was invented for in the first place. In second place I use it as a super computer, because that is what it has become. I can handle multiple tasks and create and enhance content.

The last few weeks I’ve put my smartphone on airplane mode during social occasions. A lot you probably think that is completely nuts. But I like to actually have the conversation verbally then to type it, if you know what I mean 😉

This video below shows how we have changed socially.

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So why do I use my smartphone during social occasions, my friends are right near me. Is because I need to show them funny pictures on my Instagram or Facebook, is because I need Spotify (this actually is a practical reason). Oke, let’s say we are at a party, then I guess it is useful to promote the place and share the experience. Maybe even let some other friends know so they can join or share their experience of the place.

But the thing that bothers me sometime is during dates or just casually catching up. Let’s call it a ‘grey’ area. For instance during my gym time, my smartphone is off. I really want to focus.

The smartphone is becoming more and more an extension of ourselves than a useful communications tool. We tell our ‘deepest and most intimate’ secrets to our phone, yes you do it, me too actually. We call it ‘Googelen’, it is already a word in the official dictionary, with a reference to ‘tweeting’ probably.