Why geo restrictions on content do not work anymore in 2015

Since Napster started with sharing audio files without geo restrictions, people began sharing files over the internet. Content can be spread in a matter of seconds worldwide. There is truly no limit, only limited thinking.  

This is maybe the most tough questions there is to answer but companies like Netflix are getting really close. How do you make a profit of content while distributing it over the entire world.

Because companies like piratebay will always be around. There is no stopping them. They have too many technical options to keep going on. Napster in de early internet days made everybody realize how content easily could be distributed through the internet.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ in terms of monetizing content online. There are several models and each of them have their weaknesses. But instead of figuring out how we could develop such financial models, companies like Google with Fiber are really making no difference at all. The big entertainment companies have been hit big, I get that, truly I do. Think longterm, that is what you have learned in school, right?

Everybody today can go to a websites with streams of tv series. Or even bypass with geo restriction with a different vpn. The world of technology is rapidly changing and it is hard for ‘old farts’ to change with it. Those legal battles costs money right? Are they solving something, no. There just costing money, money that could be better spend.

The company that figures out how to profit from their content while distributing it world-wide will be bigger than any company we know now. Yes, even bigger then Apple and Google.