Podcasts are coming back

During januari 2006 podcast were extremely popular in the world. In some form they are coming back.

What do I mean? Is very simple. Where do you listen music from ‘on the go’. In a world were a constantly moving and busy we want relax on some moment. Youtube does not yet play in the background of your phone, it needs to be active on your screen. So you can’t do anything else besides watch that. With services like; soundcloud, mixcloud and spotify and maybe various others you can play music on the background and do some other things too, while you listening to your music or audiobook.

Youtube is restricted to your home area. Soundcloud, mixcloud and spotify are for on go. Our phones are multi-tasking heroes (while this isn’t good, multitasking, I will explain later). Most of us travel a lot, in sense of being in a car, public transport, bike or something else 🚙 🚲 🚍 🚆 . So we will put in our earbuds and listen, not watch.

This is the reason I think podcast are coming back, a majority of our time is spend listening and not watching, because we are constantly on the go.

Let’s come back to multi-tasking. Why is bad for most people? A small percentage of people in the world can successfully multitask. Is bad you can’t do it, not at all. I can’t do this either. Again, a very small percentage of people in the world have this ability.

You want proof, here it is, try it

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Let me show you this graph of podcast over a period of 10 years.