Would like to know the diseases you could get?

Diseases you could get. How, genome, is the genetic material of an organism. For believers in god, this is completely against what ‘The Book/bible’ tells you. Let me be clear, I respect your views and opinions but this is just to damn exciting.

So prevention is in most cases everything right? Knowing if you could prevent getting a nasty illness. The mind-blowing part is that scientist actually can decode your dna and analyse it and can threat a disease. So this is good, right? There is only one small problem😩, it’s accuracy. Some test and real life subjects have shown different results. How do I mean different results😳 ? There a several companies in this genome (genetics) field, hacking our dna code. Blood analysis have shows different results with some companies, in all fairness, it is still pretty experimental🤔. This stuff is jut incredibly difficult, it’s like habitation of mars with humans, it is not impossible but we obviously need som more time to perfect it.

For instance, you know because you have done a test of your blood and you are going to get an incurable version of cancer. The likely hood of planning your life different is huge from when you would not get this awful disease. Look sometimes it truly could be the greatest tool and it could save your life. In my opinion this is something you always should decide on your own and maybe with some relatives around. But just keep thinking logically, like do you consume often large amounts of alcohol, sugar and do you exercise almost never. Then yes, you could maybe be eligible for diabetes for example. I find this fascinating and it truly had enormous potential for medical world to eliminate and cure some of the world’s nastiest diseases.