Should you admire social media stars?

Throughout the years I have had and still have people I admire. My pillars for admiring someone are probably different from someones else. 

Since the development of social media; like youtube, vine and instagram ordinary people like you and have become famous. Previous generations needed tv or radio. But since the development of social media, you can share your perception of world within a few clicks.

But are these so-called “social media stars” really people whom you should look up to? What have they accomplished more than you have in life? Yes, they willy-nilly throw themselves on the internet for everyone to see and yes, that takes a lot of effort and time (creating the content). Look, people like Richard Branson, Edward Snowden and Oprah Winfrey have actually for some part bettered people lives. Is it nowadays about bettering people lives or is it about showing how good life could be, how beautiful or rich some people are? Do we really care about the amount of likes, shares and views, apparently we do. Companies spend billions on people with large amounts of followers. But those followers, how much of them are truly real people and do they actually care about the person they follow?

Look we all know that sex sells. When you are a gorgeous looking girl or good looking man, chances are you’re getting scouted by an agency and you are getting payed a lot of money because your pretty. There is nothing wrong with that, it is just how the world works. Pretty people just have most of time a advantage in society. Does that mean they are more interesting or deserve more attention? I do not know, I do know that world sees it that way.

So, who you choose, a dinner with Richard Branson or sharing a dinner with a victoria secret model. In other words, having the company of a self-made billionaire or being in the company of a very gorgeous girls (to make this perfectly clear, gorgeous girls can also be very smart, but you get my point).

So to end this, would follow someone with actual life lessons and business experience or someone who just looks very good in a swimsuit.