From youtube stars to actual movie stars?

From internet platform Youtube to actual movie producing stars? They make movies on youtube which get watched millions of times😃.

Now the biggest independent movie studio in the world, called LionsGate, you maybe have heard of them😉, backs these Youtubers.

This is kind of a mayor move from this studio, but this studio has done some other crazy stuff which has paid of big time in the past, like working together with documentary filmmaker Michael Moore. So why is this so big? Vlogger have often been seen as stupid people whom film themselves but in fact it are just creative people who like to share their lives with others and with some enormous successes, let’s be honest. So that the world biggest independent film studio backs these Youtubers just proves that BIG Boys (let’s call them that) are scouting on the social media platforms.

But the thing I’m wondering about is how will the movie studio metrics will compare to youtube metrics with Youtubers. Are more people going to watch in the movie theaters or is youtube still the place to be?

Btw, I hope not that I’m being pranked because the release date is 1 april and let’s be honest these people prank anyone and everyone😳 😞 😧 😪.

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