Why is the dropout rate on online courses 98%?

Online learning courses is the new way of learning, getting your degree online. But reality shows us different. It is actually harder.

Why is harder? Is it because when things get hard most people quit? Could be. It has several factors, like; lack of time, harder than anticipated, no real intention to complete, course difficulty and the lack of support.

So are online courses bad or even worthless? No, not in my opinion, they truly are a valuable assets. Maybe you do not have the money to go to college or university, maybe you just want to brush up on some knowledge, all valid reasons and good reasons to start an online course. But if you are in college and you are thinking of quitting because it is too hard or you have too many choices to choose from these online courses could be the answer to an otherwise very costly scenario.

But how low is the digital class in the end with attendees, let me show you.

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Still online courses are very valuable, but you need to want and you need to have a deep seeded interest, it helps.

Let’s compare a programming class of Python online to one with a tutor (one of the not so hard programming languages to learn, still you have to put some effort into it).

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Let take a look how online have been through the years.