Is the mega cloud service the safest cloud service out there?

Your maybe wondering what or who mega is😕? It is the cloud service from they ‘controversial’ Kim Dotcom. They guy get exposed in the media as eccentric and maybe foolish but…

Never ever judge a person from the outside (up to a point, of course), seriously 😁, because I would (1 dollar, just for fun) bet that the mega cloud service the safest service by far. Why, let me explain. Let’s get dig a little deeper, the guy made his money with a the cloud service mega upload, which could upload enormous files, the site was massively popular and Kim dotcom made millions from that site.

So what happens when you are one of the largest ‘illegal file sharing sites on the web’ (according to government and entertainment officials), yes, you guested it right, you get sued from every possible direction 😥. So this got dragged out for years in order to make it very costly for kim dotcom. Government was just playing tax money, never mind that 🙄. The entertainment industry obviously have their own deep pockets 🤑💰.

So kim dotcom decides to make a new company, a privacy company, which is pretty solid and giant headache for the government other parties against illegal downloading 😓 😭 😩. Why, because of one technical aspect, the passwords. Normally when you forget your password you can reset it by putting in a request, this is not anymore possible with mega’s new cloud service. You have one master-key, which you should keep backed up. But when you lose or have forgotten you passwords you can not access your information/files you have stored on mega 😟. Even the service mega can’t access the data.

So with a lawsuits, mega can easily point to individual, because they have the master-key or the passwords. Otherwise no one can access the data, ever. And to make this even more fun, you get 50 gigabytes free storage space. The pricing is kind of attractive. So this kind of interesting huh 😄