Sleep deprivation, it an issue in our current society

Don’t kid yourself, sleep is really important. If want to work properly and have a clear state of mind, sleep is essential.

Everybody needs to hustle and leads busy lives, but when you can’t sleep more than 4 hours or so try using 20 min naps during the day, it will reset your system. Look I get sometimes you just can’t close your eyes or you are on a very tight deadline, truly I get it. Try to use 20 min naps you will feel very refreshed.


Tennis professional Roger federer rents 2 houses during a tennis tournament. One for his family and one for himself and his team, because he can’t afford it to catch less sleep then he needs to. Lebron james professional basketballer needs 12 hours of sleep. Elite athletes need at least 10 hours of sleep a day to perform at an optimal level on game days. Interviewer Charlie Rose athlete interviewer takes 3 naps of 20 min each a day to perform at the highest level of his career.

Standford did some research into sleep deprivation. US is higher in sleep deprivation than Europe.

So now you know that is not uncommon to take a nap, it refreshes you and makes you more productive in the end.