Kenya’s mobile payment system is years ahead

You would not think Kenya has a good payment system but how goes that saying: “an assumption is the motherfucker of all screwups”. Yes it is.

It’s called M-Pesa and it is designed by Safaricom the largest telecom operator in the country. They do more mobile transactions in Kenya than anywhere else in the world. Also it pretty low-tech, it is through text messaging.

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I know several apps from banks who make it way to difficult. They pay their groceries and taxi with this system. Even Google is trying to make a replica of this system. They have fewer laws and restrictions in Kenya but look at what is possible when there are fewer restrictions.  Just think about it. When was the last time you forgot your phone, yes exactly, small chance. When did you forgot your wallet, more often right. Look we do not even have to invent it anymore it already there, just tweak it.