The power that is Google

I will admit that Google has made my life considerably easier, I will not deny that. The company really pushes the boundaries of technology and with that of science.

I always wanted to work for Google to be honest but as of late that has changed. Not necessarily in a drastic way but I just know what I’m good at and Google would not be a great fit.

It would be naïve too say that Google does not have their own interest at heart. That is also the reason why I’m writing this piece, Google controls the internet in a big way. If you do not accept their practices, chances are you literally do not exists and in the case of a business, you go bust. What I mean? Let start with the example of all websites need to be mobile, otherwise you will be ranked lower in Google (which is killing). Look from a user stand point it is obvious, mobile website are better. Now google forces some website to stop with the annoying pop-up ads. Yes, they are annoying.

All these are user friendly changes but that just one company can enforce this on hundred of millions of users is quite astonishing.

For example, it is fair to say that Google knows almost everything, right? If you would ask a question about lobbying as a reporter during a conference you would not get an answer. I get that. But even stockholder, whom have put a significant (financial) trust in Google get a non-answer, which scares the crap out of me. The question at 57:00 if you listen, he asks about lobbying. And the head of legal David Drummond gives a non-answer. Just see for yourself.

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So Google has a very close relationship with white house. So what? The fact that they answer of Mr. Drummond was so vague makes it suspicious, if they had nothing to hide why the non-answer. Sure, maybe he was caught off guard, still why the secrecy. It only makes reporters more curious.


Ooh btw, if you want to know more about google’s investor relations, just type (holding company is named alphabet), the renamed it. Very clever.