Society finds not drinking alcohol weird, why?

So I’ve had a few periods during my student time that I did not drink a single sip of alcohol. The longest one was 6 months. 

I’ve had times that I drank like a normal student, 1 or 2 beers a day or so, more so with parties. When I got serious about working out/sports I did several periods of time without the alcohol, in the end I lasted 6 months without a single sip of alcohol.

People thought I was crazy, even sick, they were weirded out

After this long period of 6 months some changed, in my mind and in my body. I started drinking way less than before and even during social occasions I couldn’t drink that much. Partly because my body could not handle the amounts alcohol (got fast tipsy). So I started to drink water, soda’s (no coca cola), in fact I started to live healthier and I mean really healthy. I started to find out that soda’s contained enormous amounts of sugar that are just bad for your gums and that in fact the key to strong teeth are maintaining your gums really well.

So these 6 months changed my life in a way. But friends and acquaintances were weirded out by this change. So yes, I drink a lot less alcohol. I’ve put a stop to shots and other forms of alcoholic beverages with huge amounts of sugar. The alcoholic beverage desperado is maybe in a grey area.

Eating healthy is also more expensive, maybe less in about 5 to 10 years. But for now it is going to costs you on average 5 euro’s a day more and maybe some more time.

In the end I feel fine, far less hangovers, actually none. I get it, drinking is cool. Getting overly wasted with your friends and doing dumb shit has some fragrance to it. Companies like Heineken and Anheuser Inbev have huge profited from this behaviour and still do. A lot of movies are based on drinking and doing stupid stuff. I’m not criticizing I’m just looking from a distance now and putting everything into perspective.

I will keep drinking but in fewer amounts. When I think about it is just is silly. Drinking too much, saying stuff you normally would not say (which more often that not is true), your moral compass completely fucked. Afterwards having a massive hangover and doing some damage control because you may or may not have done or send some stuff you normally would never do.

Yeah, that sounds about right. In end it all comes down to for me is, can you have fun without the alcohol? Do you need alcohol to deal with your life?