The Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai takes 400 years to turn a profit

This is just plain crazy and throwing money down the toilet of the hotel. I’ve always learned that making a profit is the essence of business. In Dubai they obviously want extravagance and luxury hotels but this is idiotic.

Look I’m al for investing and such. But after 10 years I kind of want to see a profit. I’m not a greedy man, I can live of bread, milk, cheese and going on vacation once a year. The small things that matter😉 Dubai has its incredible architecture and such. Most of their money comes from oil. Whom ever was in charge of building this did not have any sense of money or even common logic. My mom without any business degree could have built this hotel better (oke, that is maybe not true, because is an enormous project) but you know…



come on…. 400 years fully booked and then it would make a profit. These people truly live in dream world and have too much money to spend 😂😂😂 Okay, it is the world only 7 star hotel. They’ll throw you out when you enter the hotel in just pants and a t-shirt, because fashion matters and common sense just not 😅. It is the most expensive hotel in the world. The construction was not that expensive (a 1,6 billion) but the costs of maintaining its quality are just insane and therefore it continues to generate loses. Yes, 1,6 billion dollars is a lot of money but there are plenty of real estate development projects that have exceeded this amount and will make a profit within 400 years.