The current QR systems do not make any sense.

qr code on screengrab

First of all, I’m happy that the ‘high risk’ individuals in society have been given (EAU) vaccines, the (EAU) vaccines work.

I’m baffled by the notion that government thinks everything will be fine with a QR code system. I’m even more fascinated by the people whom actively say (podcast, radio etc) that this the best possible solution. Look, if you have no idea, just say that. But completely backing the government is foolish. For me, I’m a decent analyst, whom gets his information from several decent sources (for example 1, 2) . Remember this people; if you say something foolish or you get paid to say something, the Internet will always remember it.

The thing that does not register to me is the following. If you have been vaccinated, you still can get the wuhan corona virus. The QR system which by law still stands in the Netherlands – I accept it but I do not agree with it. This system gives you a false sense of security. Since you still can get the virus while being vaccinated or you have been tested, it just does not make any sense. It has more to do with a healthy lifestyle than anything else, in my opinion. This also what chairman of public health authorities (GGD in the Netherlands) in an interview told.

Nobody in the regular media is talking about expanding or investing in our healthcare system, which would be logical, even after 19 months. It is like they get told what to think and say. I know a lot of people are stupid, including myself sometimes, but this kind of stupidity is reaching epic levels. I live in Amsterdam. I see people walk and cycle in the open air wearing a facemask (that is how scared/ afraid they are).

We are now entering 19 months of covid-19 guidelines in our society. Herd immunity is reached, I think. The QR system is in place, I think is going to fail, just because it does not make any sense. You can get the wuhan corona virus at any given moment. So testing also does not make any sense.

What does make is sense is the plan Belgium is creating, making use of co2 meters inside. I just think that the EU wants to build an EU health system, which makes sense but communicate this. Have a dialogue, I think more people will agree on this, including myself. Because it is obvious that the QR code system is just the beginning. Look that I don’t trust the governments/ EU is with my data, but that is an different issue.

Let see what happens.