Universal basic income sadly won’t work

Universal income has had it’s biggest experiment during the Wuhan Corona virus, it still is ongoing. While I’m writing this.

Because of the pandemic certain areas of work are being killed enormously, for one the leisure and entertainment industry. At the present moment in the Netherlands, they are able to do something but not much. My best guess is that most leisure and entertainment businesses are running below 50% capacity. Why? First of all the 1,5 meter rule and some other governmental rules.

So a lot people are living indirectly of government funding. That is a bad thing because it generates all sorts of frictions. Especially in the semi governmental businesses, fear and not making decisions is just as common as picking up a pen. A lot of people are in fear of losing their job, work or livelihood for that matter, if they do not comply with the government rules. There are some people that even tell on other people and inform police and government.

That is mainly the reason why I don’t think universal basic income won’t work. Thereby my government does not attract societies smartest people. Not school smart, society smart. For example myself, I work also for the government right now and just notice the difference clearly in most aspect of my work or environment.

What is the difference between school smart and society smart? School smart to me is, getting high grades and understanding the standard structures of learning and following basic set of rules without deviating from them. Society smart to me is, feeling comfortable in dynamic/ uncertain situations, able to handle serious pressures and being pragmatic.