Remote working – Yes, maybe or no

man sitting on green chair while using laptop

What is remote working first of all? Too me remote working is working from any location in the world. It is mostly associated by entrepreneurs, people whom are independent and can work from anywhere and have a high standard from themselves.

Before the corona crisis (wuhan corona virus) remote working was a sort of luxury when you worked for a company. That has changed since the covid-19 crisis. A lot of employers see the benefit, others still do not like it.

Too me, it depends on the person and I would evaluate it on a person to person base. You have employees who can not function in a remote setting, for many reasons. Go to office, no problem. Then you have the employee who likes 2-3 day system. Partly from home or anywhere for that matter, this person gives at the end of the day a list to their superior with everything they have done. Then you have the employees whom 99% work from home. Too me this are functions like coders.

It all comes down to the employee. For myself, I like the remote working aspect. The commute takes away in general about 60 minutes at a minimum, not taken into consideration traffic and public transportation difficulties. More countries are getting used to it. Then you have the perceived benefits.