Wealth inequality Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is a business genius, let that be clear: he earned his wealth in fair way and he deserves it.

So why do I associate wealth inequality with Jeff Bezos. It is the enormity of his new found wealth. I know how he did it in detail. Still, I can completely understand why people look at him and envy him.

To go further into detail with some context with investing legends, view the youtube video below. Two of the best investors in the world talk about this exact subject in relation to Jeff bezos.

Let me give you some more context. Amazon had several moments in the past it would not last (almost bankrupt). With a lot of meetings he got his first 1 million dollar investment.

So most people would argue right now, how could you not have invested?! It’s called taking a risk, having a (investing) talent and some luck. Most people are risk averse and are simply not good enough.

Look, not everybody is talented in business or investing. You can learn it up to a point (I see it around me). Generating real wealth, I’m talking millions and even far more, that is pure talent (it is sadly not teachable).

 So don’t blame Jeff Bezos. Yes, there some things that he could have handled better, like the huge tax incentives for his HQ2 from NYC. Still, the man is a business genius who will conquer several industries. I do get it, like I said in the beginning that people envy him. But that is the sheer talent that he posseses and because he doing this for quite a while he has some serious good connections which allow him certain privileges.